In the early part of 2008, a small group of parents decided that they wanted to form a new football club for their sons. One or two pub discussions later, Roehampton Rangers was born. Affiliation to the Surrey F.A., applying to join the Surrey Youth League, finding a pitch to play on and taking out appropriate insurances were the first logical steps. But what sort of football club did we want to be?

The first principles were that RRFC would be an independent, non-profit making club run solely by parents of the boys. Even though we are now considerably bigger than when we first started – we have more than 90 players across 8-16 year groups – we have remained faithful to these principles. The management committee is now made up of nine people and eight of them are mums and dads representing the various age groups within the club. Our only exception is that the head coach Mark Gough sits on the committee to give an expert’s perspective to our decision-making.

We decided from the outset that we wished the boys to play competitive football and try hard to win against opposition within their various ability ranges.  We wanted them to win by playing with a certain style, often known as ‘pass-and-move’ football - in other words we wanted them to be taught how to play football the right way.  Important to us was for them to display a true sporting attitude at all times when representing their club and, most of all, we wanted every player in every squad to enjoy their football and have great fun!

This ethos fits perfectly with Mark’s football philosophy, who we employ with his staff to coach and train the boys on a weekly basis.  It is an important club principle that the Head Coach has the final word with regard to all football decisions within the football club: the selection of players and squads, playing formations and tactics. This ensures continuity of training and match play. It also takes some of the pressure off the squad managers on match-days because, like the rest of us, they are parents, too!

Please download a copy of the 'Club's Principles' if you are considering sending your son for a trial with us, they will give you a fair idea of whether you, and more importantly your sons, will enjoy playing with RRFC.

Finally, may I wish everyone connected with the football club a successful 2017/18 season.

Polly Fraley, Welfare Officer

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